Ordering custom systems from IT companies is not an easy task. The most challenging part comes at the end of the project when you will have to check if the delivered software is designed properly and will withstand the test of time. Often contacting a second independent IT company to audit the system is the only way to be sure.

The product of any audit done by us is a document which will rate the quality of certain aspects of the system and gives detailed suggestions on how can they be improved.

Technical audit

The technical audit checks what the systems end users will never see – its internal structures. Even if the systems GUI looks polished it still may have technical faults which will cause the costs of further development and maintenance to sky rocket. A technical audit till check the following aspects:

  • architectural design – is it well fitted to the production environmental and will it be maintainable ?
  • code and data model organization – will the system be expandable in the future ?
  • security handling - is the system insecure by design ? (this is not a full security audit)
  • documentation level – can the system be taken over by other developers ?

Functional audit

In this type of audit we check if the functionality of your systems meats the demands of  end users. This is done in a three ways:

  • interviews with the systems current or potential users,
  • comparison with similar solutions on the market,
  • validating if the desired business or manufacturing process can be executed in the system.

SEO audit for portals

The search engine optimization audit will check if your portals design allows it to gain high positions in search results. We do it in a two step approach:

  1. Firstly we gather information which keywords, sub pages and content are most important for the portals users.
  2. Secondly we analyse technically how the content generated by the portal will be interpreted by search engine crawlers.