During the last years we completed many IT projects to support business process and manufacturing plants. Thanks to this we accumulated a whole spectrum of practical experience from those areas. We can support you with our knowledge on the following topics:

  • project management methodologies,
  • analysis techniques,
  • software design techniques,
  • development team management,
  • development tools, middleware and frameworks for the Java platform,
  • relational data bases,
  • OOP design patterns,
  • system architectures,
  • system integration techniques,
  • IT systems for business,
  • IT systems for manufacturing.

Manufacturing plant management

Building IT systems for manufacturing requires a synergy of two areas of expertise: software engineering and manufacturing plant management. Because of this we also gained practical experiences in:

  • supply management,
  • piecework based motivational systems,
  • organizing the flow of information on the production line,
  • Lean Manufacturing methodologies.

Open Source strategies

We constantly monitor the open source community, use their software and take part in several projects. We also publish a book titled Open Source Projects – how are they organized and make money. Our wide experience in this area can help you with:

  • organizing open source projects,
  • building business models around them,
  • using open source as an element of your PR.