With the analytic and design documents ready we can proceed with the systems development.

Team assembly

We’ll start with assembling a team with the skill set required to build the system. The team leader is always a core employee of our company while team members like programmers or testers are usually contracted for the project.

Programming and testing

The assembled team will start to hammer down the supplied specifications and design documents into the actual software package. They will do it incrementally in programming-testing cycles. Most test runs will be performed internally by the contracted testers but from time to time we will ask the project stakeholders from your company to do acceptance tests. This will assure us that we are going in the right direction and that both sides understood the design documents.

Installation and training

After the initial version of the system is ready and it will pass all acceptance tests from your side we can begin the deployment phase. The first step will be to install all the required software on the the supplied hardware. The second step will be to train all the staff from your company to use the system and to perform basic administrative tasks.

Maintenance and improvement

Once the system  is running in the production environment we will leave at least one programmer from the team to do maintenance and continuous improvement. He will be responsible for supporting the end users, monitor the systems performance and also implementing bugfixes and smaller improvements. When more complex improvements are required in the future we will once again the a complete analytic - design -  development cycle.