The first copies of our polish book OPEN SOURCE projects – how are they organized and financed saw daylight in the year 2011. It’s hard to believe that so many time has passed since its first release. Work on the book started a year earlier – gathering sources, analyzing projects, surveys, discussions on mailing lists, editorial, etc. Despite the enormous effort and positive reviews the publishers didn’t want to take the risk – they viewed the topic to be too much of a niche. So we moved on further alone – designed the books cover, gathered media partners, found a printer. The initial interest overwhelmed any expectation and we started to get invitations to conferences and gathered support from the open source community.



In this guerrilla style we managed to sell almost 1'000 copies. However, in the last months the interest in our book started to decrees significantly. Because of this the decision was made to order the last print of the Polish edition of the book and sell them on Allegro - a link to the active auction can be found on the site:

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